Products and outcomes catalyzed by the Natural History Initiative

These workshops inspired collaborations, products and outcomes that include but aren’t limited to: A renewed sense of community, several written pieces in Journal of Natural History Education & Experience, articles in magazines and scholarly journals, blogs, a Natural History Section in the Ecological Society of America, and a resurrection of natural history courses in Universities and Colleges.

Natural History Upgrade – article in Conservation Magazine by Richard Conniff.

Fostering the rebirth of natural history – article in Biology Letters by Stephanie E. Hampton.

Why Practice Natural History? – Mount Auburn Cemetery – essay in Journal of Natural History Education and Experience by Clare Walker Leslie.

Why Practice Natural History? – Seeing the Natural History Way – essay in Journal of Natural History Education and Experience by Laura Sewall.

Linked Through Story – Natural Science, Nature Writing, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge– essay in Journal of Natural History Education and Experience by John Tallmadge.

Natural History’s Place in Science and Society – article in BIOSCIENCE by, Joshua J Tewksbury, John G. T. Anderson, Jonathan D. Bakker, Timothy J. Billo, Peter W. Dunwiddie, Martha J. Groom, Stephanie E. Hampton, Steven G. Herman, Douglas J. Levey, Noelle J. Machnicki, Carlos Martinez del Rio, Mary E. Power, Kirsten Rowell, Anne K. Salomon, Liam Stacey, Stephen C. Trombulak, and Terry A. Wheeler.

Natural Histories Place Interactive Blog – Discussion board hosted by BIOSCIENCE

Natural Histories Project – an interactive website that explores experiences and values that combine to create a wide range of natural histories, and through this exploration, we hope to initiate an international conversation on the value and future of Natural History. We invite you to join the conversation. Spread the word, put your own comments on the site, and tell us what speaks to you.

For more information or feedback please contact Kirsten Rowell or Tom Fleischner.